Word of Caution: Protect Yourself

Brian Bristol

Brian Bristol

Published on: 13 June, 2022

Updated: 10 March, 2023

Welcome Pigeon

Hey PL Community,

A lot of amazing things have been happening lately! From our new user experience to our featured article in Forbes, and also our recent fundraising announcement, it's been a whirlwind of a start to the year for us.

Since the beginning, we've done our very best to provide people all across the world with a safe, secure, and easy-to-use platform for anyone to lend and borrow money with the people they know and care about. Our community and technology are built on trust and that trust powers every facet of Pigeon. 🐣

Even with so much good happening within our community, today we are taking a moment to pause and reiterate our commitment to trust. Recently, we've been made aware of individuals, groups, and entities using our name, image, or likeness to portray our services in an unethical light. Over the past few weeks, the team behind the Pigeon magic has been working on thwarting external efforts to use Pigeon's likeness to defraud and scam vulnerable individuals across the world.

Over the recent days, we've seen and heard about:

  • Members of Facebook groups pretending to be employees of Pigeon in order to defraud uninformed individuals;
  • Anonymous individuals on the Internet creating and distributing Typeforms or other survey tools to collect sensitive personal data & information of susceptible people looking to apply for loans using our likeness;
  • Promises of unknown groups & individuals claiming to give out loans on our behalf after filling out an application and submitting an 'origination fee' via methods like CashApp or Zelle;
  • Various forms of fraud negatively affecting our customers previously executed via methods of pre-paid card usage;
  • and more;

These unethical and immoral acts described above are in no way associated with Pigeon, our employees, brand, community, name, image, or likeness.

With economic activity slowing down across the world, prices rising, and financial uncertainty hitting more folks than ever before, we recognize that times are tough right now. Whether you are providing for your family or looking to make ends meet, we want to do everything in our power to make Pigeon the best service it can be so that we can help you through these difficult times and not hurt you.

As we continue to grow and better enable people to help one another across the world, we want to make sure you protect yourself and make smart decisions as you interact with the community that is Pigeon. So today we are reaffirming our commitment to do right by you!

Please protect yourself, and keep in mind these things when interacting with Pigeon:

  • When in doubt, send us a note at support@usepigeon.io or chat us online via our website.
  • Pigeon will never ask for personal information outside our official channels.
  • Pigeon does not currently provide loans to anyone; we are not a licensed lender or partnered with one that enables us to distribute loans.
  • Our official email and messaging channels end in @usepigeon.io or @pigeonloans.io, we do not own addresses ending in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or other domain name providers.
  • Pigeon is a free platform that will not charge you any mandatory fees (i.e., no origination fees, no subscription fees, no forced costs to use our services).
  • Pigeon employees will never reach out to you outside of official company channels.
  • Our official business names are Pigeon or Pigeon Loans, Inc. - we do not operate under any other name.
  • Our official channels, contact information, social media, posts, and more can all be found on our homepage www.usepigeon.io 😊

We're excited to continue impacting lives for the better! We'll continue to support you as you continue to support us.

Loans With The Ones You Trust,

Brian Bristol & The Pigeon Team 💫

About the author

About the Author

Brian Bristol

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Brian Bristol is the Founder and CEO of Pigeon. Brian is a creative thinker and loves to come up with new ways to explain the benefits technology can have on relationships, community, and bonds with one another. An alum of Bowdoin College, Brian graduated with a degree in Computer Science and has used his educational background in the liberal arts to help others understand and better navigate the ins and outs of finance and relationships. Brian enjoys improving people's lives through the use of Pigeon and is committed to helping people understand the power of interpersonal lending.