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Tilly Tanga

Tilly Tanga

Published on: 27 August, 2021

Updated: 01 December, 2022

Podcast Mic

We hope you aren’t getting tired of us yet because *boy oh boy* do we have a big announcement for you this month. By now you already know the drill. We enjoy making a bit of noise here and there - whether it be screaming from the top of our lungs about our Wefunder campaign or buying taxis and covering them with our logos, we love to be seen and aim to be heard. With the summer’s end fast approaching, we of course had to close out the warm weather and days of endless sunshine with a bang.

So without further ado, welcome back to The Carrier 😈

The Chirp: Coming To An RSS Feed Near You

Sooooooo, we are launching a PODCAST!

Podcast Recording Gif

That’s right, starting today you will be hearing from us even more often, but this time in the form of a podcast. We know, we know...we’re right on the nose (or should we say on the beak 👀) when it comes to the puns we come up with for our content (we blame our non-existent intern for these terrible jokes). But, even with our lack of creativity in mind, we are excited to announce this new initiative and introduce you to The Chirp: A Podcast by Pigeon.

For some of you out there you might have already guessed that we were working on a new way to talk with our community. Over the course of pretty much our entire existence, we’ve heard so many stories from you all about your own personal journeys with loans within your relationships. From stealing money from a jealous ex-boyfriend due to a newfound love (wild story for another time) to borrowing cash to invest in Beanie Babies, you all have countless stories about times in which you’ve moved money within your relationships.

The Chirp Coming Soon

With all of these stories about loans, money, and relationships floating around and no one really giving a mic to this boisterous audience, we figured why not document the stories we all know and “love” and give them a voice?

Yeah, this is a crazy idea, we know, but we are doing it anyway! Our new podcast, The Chirp, is here to educate you on the world of loans, its impact on relationships, and how we can remove the stress of lending with friends and family. For the rest of eternity, we will be interviewing thought leaders, celebrities, nobodies, somebodies, perhaps cute animals, and everything in between, and asking them for their stories — the times in which money became a subject within their relationships.

For all these wonderful, once in a lifetime, uncomfortably entertaining stories, we’ll be bringing on the newest member of the Pigeon team, Cameron Laird, to lead the conversation on these tall tales. He will be exploring the world of loans, and personal finance alongside us, and will definitely bring some light-heartedness and deep insights to the conversations we’ll all be listening to. Given that Cameron has a majestically burly Irish accent, we figured what better way to introduce The Chirp than to hear it from the host himself! So sit back, close your eyes, open your ears, press play, and melt away into the comfort of our new Irish lull.

When we do it, we do it big! You can find The Chirp anywhere you listen to your podcasts:

Join us as we talk with everyday people and dive into the positive, the negative, and all the stories in between that we all hold near and dear to our hearts when it comes to dealing with money within our relationships.

Black Women Podcast

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Our Pigeon Community Survey Results

You might remember, a couple of months ago we launched our first ever Pigeon user survey to get a better understanding of your interactions with our platform, where we have room for improvement, and why you all keep asking for animations of flying pigeons to be in our website. Well, thanks to your contributions, we received well over 200 responses, and we’re so thankful to each one of you for taking the time to share your feedback.

So for your reading pleasure, we wanted to take a moment and share a couple high-level results of the survey with the greater Pigeon community. If your curiosity is as peaked as ours is about why the Crate Challenge exists, then feel free to browse through the following stats.

  • We had survey responders of all ages! However, the most popular age bracket seemed to be the 36–50 year old age range, with 41% of responders falling in that demographic.

Survey Results Demographics

  • About 18% of our responders are from Texas. It is so nice to see that Pigeons can get along well with the Texas state bird, the Northern Mockingbird 😊
  • More than 50% of you all attest to having a full-time job.
  • You all have a wide variety of your favorite features when it comes to our platform. With 97 votes, “Loan Reminders” seems to be your favorite feature so far on Pigeon.

Survey Results Loan

  • And, maybe the part of the survey that brings the most tears to our eyes…At least 205 responders ‘Strongly Agree’ or ‘Agree’ with the belief that they would share Pigeon with someone they know 🥺🥺🥺

Survey Results Agreement

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Mirror, Mirror, on The Wall…Who’s The Fairest Pigeon Of Them All

By now you must know how much we love our bird related fun facts. Just in case you were running low on conversation starters for your next shin-dig, we’re here to replenish your intellect, literally.

Did you know there is a whole Wikipedia dedicated to the topic of Pigeon Intelligence?

That’s right! Pigeons are one of the few animals in the world that can recognize themselves in a mirror.

Scared Dog Gif

Unlike…dogs…pigeons do not think their reflection is another animal who is trying to attack them, mock them, or shun them. For most animals, this form of self awareness is actually pretty rare, and a sign of advanced cognitive development.

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Our Loan Limits are Increasing

The final part of this month’s newsletter is just as exciting as the first! Since our launch, we’ve been asking for your feedback and we’ve been listening. So many of you have asked for us to increase our loan limits to allow you for greater flexibility in how you structure and use your loan. So, we did just that.

As of this month, you can now officially make loans with your friends and family up to $250,000 USD. Anyone starting a loan will be able to lend or borrow TEN TIMES the amount we allowed previously. There’s no limit to the possibilities this increased flexibility gives our community. You may create a loan to finance the down payment on a home, you might use your funds to purchase a car, or if you are like us, you’ll get a loan to buy your own personal Tesla Bot.

Lindsey Lohan Limit Does Not Exist

If you have more questions about these new limits, you can always check out our very informative  for more information, or of course, you can email us at

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Wow! What a month! As per usual, stay safe, stay tuned. Next month is OUR BIRTHDAY, so come back next edition prepared and rested, because you are going to need it for all the news we’ve been saving for this very special occasion!

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About the Author

Tilly Tanga

Director of Operations

Tilly Tanga is the Director of Operations at Pigeon. Having graduated from Bowdoin College and spent numerous years in the healthcare field helping others, she has combined her unique skill set to help support the broader Pigeon community through education and evangelism. An expert in community engagement, Tilly is the voice of The Carrier, a newsletter series by Pigeon. She writes about all the latest developments, successes, and news happening within the Pigeon community every month.