The Carrier: Wrapping Forward To 2022

Tilly Tanga

Tilly Tanga

Published on: 31 December, 2021

Updated: 10 March, 2023

New Year 2022

I guess this is the end of 2021 and just like the end of 2020 (remember that year *insert nervous laughter*) we’re looking forward and definitely not backward to the upcoming year. This year has stretched everyone to their limits so not to stretch you any further we’re gonna make this final newsletter of 2021 a short, punchy, and punny look forward to the coming year.

Here’s to 2022!

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Incoming Features

2021 was a funny year for Pigeon because it was “technically” our first full year of existence. From January all the way until now (with only minor breaks of degeneracy in between) we’ve been working extremely hard to make our ecosystem the smartest way to make loans with your friends, family members, and loved ones, in the easiest, simplest, and safest way possible. With so much already developed, you might be wondering “hey Pigeon, what more could there be left to create?”…well Judy, funny you ask, let us tell you 😏.

Jack Black

In 2022 we have a few new exciting, tantalizing, overly stimulating, outrageously amazing features which we will be building just for you! All of these new creations are obviously still things we are working on, but we’ll give you at least 1 hint as to what’s to come. So without further ado, let’s reveal the first (and only) hint we’ve got for you. In 2022, we’re going to be building something very credit score oriented. We know, we know, *gasp* another thing I can’t qualify for — haha, well silly reader, we aren’t going that route, we’re doing an about-face and finding a way for you to benefit from making loans with your friends and family on our platform in a completely new, but positive way!

We will, of course, roll out a more comprehensive outline of how this new feature works. But basically, Pigeon has shaken hands with some very powerful people recently to allow you to do things that weren’t possible before in the world of interpersonal loans. In the United States, credit scores and credit history are a big deal to people’s financial journeys. So giving you all the ability to potentially do something credit score related on our platform, is going to be huge! But all of this is still a secret so don’t tell anyone 😉.

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Incoming Loan Volume

When we started this year, Pigeon had moved a grand total of less than $1,000 in loans across maybe 6 people. Honestly, it was probably just us (your alluring authors/founders) making loans with each other and our grandmothers volunteering to be our earliest beta testers (thanks gram-gram). Well over the year, we added more grandmothers to our platform, and over the course of 2021, we moved a pretty significant amount of loans for all you amazing people!

In 2021, we saw over $400,000 in monetary value moved through our loan creation platform. A far cry and a huge increase from the humble beginning we started with at the onset of the year. In 2022 however, we expect things to get even better. So for the coming new year, we’ve done our projections, and quite honestly the numbers shocked us a bit. In 2022, Pigeon is set to process over 1 million dollars in loan volume! That’s right, 1,000,000 smack-a-roonies. It’s going to be an amazing year for everyone in our community.

Scream Math

New Friends

Soooo not going to lie, in 2021 we kind of Han Solo’ed this thing. We kept our internal circle very small, only asked for help when needed, didn’t really make a whole lot of ‘corporate friends’, and did our best to fly under the radar. However, all good solo journeys eventually come to an end, and in this upcoming year you’re going to be seeing our name pop up a lot in a lot of different places…like a lot.

In 2022, you should expect to see Pigeon across your TV screens, guest staring on your favorite podcasts, in the news (hmmm maybe a spot on TMZ), on the social webs, in your real estate pamphlets, in your bank accounts, in your dentist’s office (???), in a verse in a Migos song (brrrd brrd), we’re going to be all over the place. How is all of this possible you ask? (Good to hear you're asking the tough questions still Judy). We’ll partnerships and friendships — that’s how all of this will get done 🤗.

Bird Dance

Obviously, all of these conversations are occurring behind the scenes and with the utmost secrecy, but just know if you’re at the gas station in the next couple of weeks and see a pigeon waddle up to your car — that bird is one of ours, and we paid for that promo.

The Nest Will Grow

We’d like to leave you with one final tidbit of things to look forward to in the coming year. If you’ve been looking hard enough and have been actively refreshing our website, looking for new content every second of the day (shout out to the real ones out there) then you realized something pretty cool.

Have you noticed that we have been linking out to loads of fascinating articles via our socials, newsletters, and community outreach lately? Maybe like this one👇

Well, this is because we have been developing and growing our educational content significantly recently. The Nest home to all things finance, relationship, and loan-related is growing and will grow even faster in 2022!

In 2022, we plan to put out new articlesnew podcast episodes, new videos, and even more editions of your favorite newsletter every single week! Now, we know that we’ve been pretty good at hiding all of these developments, but rest assured the moment we walk into the new year we are going to bombard you with loads and loads of awesome content — you’re welcome.

Three Dots

Well, there you have it, our “wrap forward” into 2022! Enjoy your parties, your celebrations, your jeers, and jives. Thank you for all your support in 2021 and we look forward to making 2022 an even better year than the last!

See you next year (haha we’re so funny).

That's All Folks

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About the author

About the Author

Tilly Tanga

Director of Operations

Tilly Tanga is the Director of Operations at Pigeon. Having graduated from Bowdoin College and spent numerous years in the healthcare field helping others, she has combined her unique skill set to help support the broader Pigeon community through education and evangelism. An expert in community engagement, Tilly is the voice of The Carrier, a newsletter series by Pigeon. She writes about all the latest developments, successes, and news happening within the Pigeon community every month.