Can I delay the start of repayments on my loan?

Published on: 21 April, 2022

Updated: 24 May, 2024


Repayments can be delayed for any loan made on Pigeon.

When creating or importing your loans, you can choose to delay the start of your repayment schedule up to the last month you allocate in your loan term. You can choose to delay the start of repayments for as long or as little as you would like within that time frame.

For example, if you create a loan that will last 16 months - you can delay the start of repayments for up to 15 of those months.

We'll remind both parties each month that your loan is ongoing, but no money will be due until you say so!

Just a Heads Up: Delaying the start of repayments is only available for Premium Loans made on Pigeon. Read more about pricing and fees for Premium Loans here

Additional Notes:

  • Please note, when creating a loan from scratch and not importing/adding an existing loan, repayments by default repayments must start at least 30 days after loan activation regardless of the payment due date (i.e., activated on June 1, with payments chosen to be due on the 5th, the first payment due date will be July 5th and not June 5th). Importing/adding an existing loan does not impose such a requirement and the first repayment date can be as soon as the next calendar day after activation.
  • If your loan structure uses Compound Interest, please note that interest compounding can also be delayed using our Delay Interest Accrual toggle located on the same screen as customizing your repayment schedule. If you’d like to further customize the structure of the interest due on your loan, please reach out to us at

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