How long does it take for money to deposit after sending a payment?

Published on: 16 September, 2021

Updated: 19 June, 2023

The time it takes for money to move on our platform from one person to another depends on the payment method the sender chooses to utilize.

Once you send money on our platform, it automatically begins the process of moving to your intended recipient's bank account. You will receive a receipt from our payment processor, Stripe, which will confirm your transaction, and then those funds will begin to move to their intended destination.

Payment Timetables:

  • One-Time Payments via Credit or Debit Card: 1 - 4 Days (Fast)
  • Bank Transfers: 7 - 15 Days (Slowest)

Feel free to use our Offline Payments flow to track a payment you would like to make outside of Pigeon. This option obviously moves as fast as you and your loan counterpart agree on, so if you want a more instant option, send each other cash, a check, a wire transfer, etc. and come back to Pigeon to track that transaction.

Please Note: To ensure the safety and security of everyone using Pigeon, for an account's very first payout on our platform, time to deposit may be extended as we verify the legitimacy of a transaction.

If your payment has not been completed within one of the above timetables, please contact us at

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