How safe and secure is Pigeon?

Published on: 07 November, 2021

Updated: 25 November, 2022

We take safety and security with the utmost level of seriousness at Pigeon.

We care about making sure our customer's data and information are handled with care and protected from the moment you entrust us with it. We are not perfect, but we'll always be looking for new ways to bolster our security and compliance standards to protect our customers. We will always strive to do everything in our power to keep our community's data safe and secure.

Pigeon has partnered with Stripe, the world’s largest online payment solutions ecosystem, to handle the transactional aspects of our platform, thus upholding us to a high standard when it comes to KYC compliance, FINRA, PCI thresholds, and other various remaining pertinent regulations on a per-state and per-country basis.

In addition, Pigeon operates at the forefront of technological security standards. We’ve partnered with AWS to run our ecosystem in a cloud-first environment, utilizing the best in class security practices. Encryption at rest, AES-256, bank-level security, fault-tolerant microservices, a zero-trust ecosystem, and many more implementations all work together to power Pigeon and keep our customer data safe.

To learn more about our commitment to safety and security, feel free to visit our or for more details.

To report any security concerns, please email us at or .

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