Why would I want to use Pigeon?

Published on: 16 September, 2021

Updated: 25 November, 2022

Because we are the smartest way to loan money for everyday people.

Here are a few reasons you should use our platform:

  • Pigeon is free to use for anyone deciding to lend on our platform!
  • We increase the likelihood of a Lender getting paid back the total sum of money they've lent out to their friend, family member, or individual they trust.
  • We handle all the annoying paperwork, legalities, and structure of setting up a loan.
  • Whether they be automatic payments or one-time monthly transactions, we allow you to make direct payments on your loan on our platform.
  • You earn Pigeon Points anytime you use our platform.
  • We do not perform credit checks or inquire about your financial history like other lending platforms.
  • We allow Lenders the ability to reap financial gains in the form of customized interest rates.
  • We grant Borrowers the flexibility to extend the duration of their loans and negotiate loan forgiveness with their Lenders.
  • We are a global platform that cares deeply about our customers.
  • We are the experts, so we will support all of our customers throughout their loan journey.

Visit our Ways To Use Pigeon page to learn more about all the advantages thousands of people are experiencing each and every day from make loans the smart way.

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